Activity Log

Activity Log



The Activity Log reveals all changes that have been made to your Wufoo account over the past 45 days. This is useful for you to see how active different forms are on your account, and for tracking down the account history in case something seems off. You can get to the Activity Log under the Account tab.

Activity Log

Using the Activity Log

Each action in the Activity Log is grouped by date with the most recent actions showing first. Additionally, each action is grouped by the type of activity it is. For example, when a form is deleted, the action will have a red cross (type of action) followed by an red box with the word form in it (type of activity). Looking at the key on the right side of the page, we can see that each activity has a corresponding color:

  • Form: Red
  • Entry: Purple
  • Report: Blue
  • Theme: Yellow
  • User: Green
  • Account: Black

By default, the page shows all actions grouped together. If, for example, you only wish to see Form related activities, locate the drop down box in the top right. Just change the default selection to “Only Form Activity,” and the page will automatically update to show you only actions related to Form activity.

What actions are logged?

When an action is logged, we store the user who performed the action along with the date, time, and IP address. We also store internal data about the type of action. For example, if a form is deleted, we will keep track of the form name. Below is a list of the types of actions we log.

  • Form: Almost everything on the Form Manager is a Form related activity. Creating, deleting and editing a form are common occurrences. In addition to those, we’ll let you know when a theme has been changed or a form has become inactive.

  • Entry: It would serve little purpose to show a log of every entry created, but we do feel it is important to keep track of any edits or deletions made.

  • Report: Similar to forms, the Report Manager controls the main activities here. In addition to creating, editing and deleting a report we also keep track of toggle password protection and privacy.

  • Theme Activity: Logging themes is fairly straightforward. In the Theme Designer you can create, edit, duplicate, change the name of, and delete themes. These are the things we keep track of.

  • User Activity: We store a record every time you log in or out of your account.

  • Account Activity: In the account tab you can change settings such as time zone, email, company name and password. We record this as well as account level options such as upgrade, downgrade and change billing info.