Notification Settings allow you to control the various ways in which you can receive updates about new form submissions.

To configure notification settings for your form, go to the Form Manager and click on “Notifications” underneath the form name. For each form, you can configure different notifications. Once you’re in the notification settings, you will see three panes to configure emails, text messages and RSS feeds. When you’re finished, click Save Settings in the top right to finalize your changes.

Setting Up Email Notifications

Inbox Notification

This pane will allow you to send an email to the address of your choice whenever the form is submitted. Let’s go over the different parameters that can be set:

Your Email Address - If you would like every successfully submitted public entry from this form to be emailed to you, type in the email address where you’d like a summary of the entry to be sent.

Set Reply To - Sets the Reply To: address of your emailed entries to the email field specified. Useful in workflows that require contacting the users that filled out your Wufoo form via email. Works great with contact forms, trouble tickets and bug trackers. Requires your form to have an email field.

Send Me Emails About - You can subscribe to both new entries and new comments. A new entry is when someone fills out your form. A new comment is when a comment is placed on an entry inside of the Entry Manager.

Your Name or Company - The text you enter here will be shown as the From Address in the email. In the users inbox, they will see this in the From column. The root address of all emails is still

Message Subject - The subject line of the email. This defaults to the form name and entry Id. For example, Contact Us [#13]. You can also customize this with our templating system.

Things You Should Know

  • All submissions will still be accessible through your Wufoo account.
  • Files submitted via the File Upload field will not be sent. A link to the file will be sent instead.
  • Multiple email addresses may be entered here by separating them with a comma. For example: ‘,’.

Setting Up Text Message Notifications to a Mobile Device

SMS Notifications

Wufoo has the ability to send an email to your mobile email address. This means you can receive a text message every time your form is filled out, which is great for forms that require an immediate response. To get started, the following options must be configured:

  • Your Phone Number - We need to know your phone number so that we can build your mobile email address. Make sure that it is entered with no dashes or spaces. We will not share this information.

  • Carrier - Choose the carrier for your mobile phone service. If your carrier is listed twice, the first option is the most up to date email address. If your carrier is not on the list, contact with a request to add your carrier. Include the format of your mobile email address if known. Availability is subject to change.

  • Send Me Emails About - You can subscribe to both new entries and new comments. A new entry is when someone fills out your form. A new comment is when a comment is placed on an entry inside of the Entry Manager.

Things You Should Know

  • All submissions will still be accessible through your Wufoo account.

  • Many carriers have length limits on text messages. For that reason, the form name is truncated, and a maximum of the first two fields will be sent in the text message. When building your form, places the two highest priority fields at the top.

Setting Up RSS Feeds

Subscribe to RSS Feeds

RSS is a common format that allows you to receive updates on your data. Most browsers have an RSS reader built into them, and there are many web and desktop readers available out there. To access a RSS feed, you have to provide a URL to your browser or feedreader. In the upper right corner, you will see the button for Subscribe to RSS Feeds. Click that button and the RSS Feeds pane will be displayed.

New Entries - A new entry is when someone fills out your form.

New Comments - A new comment is when a comment is placed on an entry inside of the Entry Manager.

Security - All of our feeds are served under a secure transaction in addition to being password protected. For this reason, your browser/feedreader must support https feeds as well as credentials. The credentials for your feed are your Wufoo email address and password. Additionally, you may want to check with your browser/feedreader to ensure that your credentials (when saved with them) are not transmitted as plain text.

More information on RSS in Wufoo

RSS Feeds


Third-Party Notifications and Integrations

Wufoo notifications will also allow your forms to easily connect to a number of different web apps. So in addition to receiving individual entries as they come in to your inbox or mobile phone, you’ll be able to quickly access the newly acquired data in some of your other favorite services on the web.

For example, if you had an event registration form, you might want to add registrants to a list in an email marketing tool. If you had an order form, you might want to add your customers to a customer relationship management tool.

There are lots of possibilities available. For detailed instructions about all the different integrations, please visit our integrations documentation.

How do I get an email when a form is submitted?

When you’re viewing your forms in the ‘Form Manager’, you’ll see a button labeled ‘Notifications’ beneath each form. Clicking on that button will take you to a page where you’ll see an area labeled ‘To My Inbox’. Inside of that area, you’ll see a textbox where you can add the email address where you’d like confirmation emails sent to. If you’d like more than one address to receive a confirmation email, separate the emails with a comma.

A confirmation email will be sent to that address and contain each new entry’s unique entry number and a copy of the data submitted. Please note that the email will be sent from, so set your spam filters accordingly.

My confirmation emails aren’t arriving — where are they?

The primary reason users do not receive a confirmation email is because it gets stuck in their spam filters. All confirmation emails are sent from, and white listing that address will prevent mail from going to the spam folder.

How do I subscribe to the RSS feed?

From the form manager, click on Notifications to bring up the notifications page, then click on Subscribe to RSS Feeds in the upper right. Then click on your desired feed. You should be prompted for your username and password. The username is your Wufoo email, and the password is your Wufoo password. Upon a successful login, you should see your feed in the browser. From here, copy & paste the URL into your favorite feed reader, or click on the RSS icon in your browser. If you cannot see your feed, please contact support. If you do not have a feed reader with built in authentication, or if you would like to learn about more feed readers, please see the URL below:

How do I view an email as plain text?

Plain text Emails

In the Email Notification settings, you can access the advanced settings by clicking “Customize Notification Email.” This will pop up a lightbox, and one of the options is a checkbox allowing you to designate the email as plain text. Check this box, close the lightbox, and save your settings.

This will result in all emails being sent as plain text. Plain text emails have no formatting to improve readability — we cannot place text decoration or custom spacing on a plain text email.

What do I do if my SMS Mobile Carrier is not listed?


While we’ve tried to provide a quick access list of the most popular mobile carriers for our mobile notifications, it’s not scalable for us to add every cellular carrier in the world to this feature. However, since most carriers allow you to send an email to create a text message, we’ve provided a way to add your own carrier if you know that email format. If your carrier is not listed in the mobile notification settings, just choose Other from the Carriers dropdown.

After you select Other from the Carrier dropdown, you can then provide your mobile carrier’s email to text message address pattern in the Your Phone Number field. Here’s an example of AT&T’s format:

Of course, you’ll need to replace the phone number and domain with your mobile number and mobile carrier’s mobile email pattern. For a list of common patterns, check out this Wikipedia article about Email to SMS Gateways. If your carrier is not listed, contact your mobile carrier’s help desk to see if they can provide it to you.