Page Rules

Page Rules

Page Rules allow you to skip pages, skip to the payment page or go straight to the confirmation page from any page on your form. You can create a custom path for each user filling out your form. Making sure they only see pages relevant to their submission. For example, someone who chooses to pay by check can skip the payment page for a form.

Page Rules


To create Page Rules you’ll need a form that has at least two pages or is payment enabled. Your users will not need to have Javascript enabled on their browsers. To learn more about visit our documentation for our pagination features.

How Page Rules Work

Page Rules, like other rules, are made up of two parts: a condition and an action. You can learn how conditions work for all rules here. There are three types of actions you can take with a page rule. The first action is skipping a page, the second allows you to skip to the payment page and the last allows you to skip all remaining pages and go straight to the confirmation page.

Skip to Page Number

The skip to Page action allows you to create a custom path for a form submission. On a five page form you can have users jump from page one to page three and then back to page two. Users can skip forwards or backwards on a form. When your users clicks the previous link on a form page they will follow the same path from where they came. A user that jumps from page two to page five will return to page two if they click on the previous button. You must be careful if you create a rule to skip backwards. If they are always taken back they may be unable to complete the form.

Skip to Page Rule

Skip to Payment Summary

The skip to Payment action allows you to send your users straight to the payment page. You can give users the ability to checkout at any time and go straight to the payment page.

Skip to Payment Rule

Skip to Confirmation Page

The skip to Confirmation action allows your users to bypass the remaining pages, including payment, and go straight to the confirmation page. This is a great feature for users who want to allow their users to pay by check or invoice instead of being sent to a payment page.

Skip to Confirmation Page Rule