Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration


The Integration Purpose

If you have a Wufoo contact form and a Salesforce account, you can use the Wufoo/Salesforce integration to link the two together. This means that when your contact info is collected through the Wufoo form, a new Lead or Contact is automatically created for you in Salesforce.

Product Description

Salesforce is a software as a service (SaaS) company that distributes business software on a subscription basis. Salesforce hosts the applications offsite. It is best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products wikipedia article.

In its most basic form Salesforce is a Lead and Contact manager, however lots of features exist. To get to know Salesforce’s offerings, visit to learn more.

What You Need To Get Started

Email Address - This is the email address you were given when you created your account, or was given to you by your account administrator. This address uniquely identifies you on the Salesforce system.

Password - The password you use to log into the Salesforce site.

Authentication Token - This is a generated key which changes when you change your password. To enable/reset your Salesforce Authentication Token do the following: Log into Salesforce, click Settings (top right) | My Personal Settings | Reset Secuirty Token. Follow the on-screen instructions and a token will be emailed to you.

Salesforce Reset Security Token

Matching Your Fields

As described in the Matching Your Fields, you’ll need to link your required fields required fields. You may create either a Salesforce Lead or Contact object. Each object type has specific requirements, so be sure to read the section below and set the Required property of your Wufoo fields accordingly.

Leads - Last Name and Company fields are required.

Contacts - You must match a Last Name only.

Adding a Note

Adding a note to your lead or contact is helpful if you’d like to pass along Wufoo fields that are fields that are not available through Field Matching. Notes have a Title and a Body. A Note Title is intended to be a short description of what the Note is about. The Body can be a longer description.

Salesforce Note

Wufoo integrations allow you to either add static Note and Note Title text like, “Added from a Wufoo form” or dynamic text provided by your users through the Wufoo Templating System. In the image above, the form name and entry ID will be forwarded to Salesforce in the Note’s title, while the body will contain static text.

I’m unable to see the Note I associated with my Lead in Salesforce. Why?

The Salesforce interface is editable and your Notes have been hidden from view. To show your Notes, click on a newly created Lead, then click Edit Layout at the top right. Follow the onscreen instructions to add additional views.

Is this integration compatible with my version of Salesforce?

Salesforce API access is restricted to Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer editions. Please check your salesforce version to see if you're qualified.

The integration will not work with a sandbox or test mode version of Salesforce.