Confirmation Email :  This email is sent to the person who is submitting the form. Only one confirmation email can be sent to one email address input in the form.

CSS Keywords : these are classnames that you can add to the parent element surrounding each field to take advantage of styles used in a CSS stylesheet. These keywords are added directly in the form builder and no knowledge of CSS is necessary. 

Entry : Every time a user fills out a form and successfully submits it, the entry is stored on our servers. One successful form submission that is kept in an account’s database for 24 hours = one entry. The maximum number of entries allowed per month are calculated across all forms on an account.

Field : The fundamental unit of every form is a field and it determines what kind of data can be collected by your form. In addition to your standard fields (text, number, multiple choice, drop down and checkboxes), Wufoo provides premade structures of the most common data types. The maximum number of fields allowed is approximately 100, but varies based on the field types used in the form.

Form : Defined as the area of an HTML document into which the user is able to input data, forms are an excellent way of collecting and processing information from your users. With Wufoo, you can create all kinds of forms. In a few short minutes, you can build a mailing list, a marketing survey or even a complete customer management system.

Notification Email : This email is sent to the form admin(s) indicating a new entry has been submitted and/or a new comment has been added to an existing entry. 

Report : As you gather data through your form, Wufoo provides a report creation system to help you view, understand and analyze your collected information in real-time. You can build filtered tables, graphs and charts and securely share your survey results with others. For those that need more control of their data, we provide multiple export formats (like Excel) for you to download your collected information.

Theme : A theme is a customized design for your form. Theme's can be customized to format fonts, colors, backgrounds, and header logos. 

Templating :  Templating is a fancy way of having Wufoo dynamically replace a shortcut phrase with data filled in from the user on your forms. 

URL Modification : A URL modification is a method of appending a form URL with a variable(s) to pass through the URL in which populate a field(s) in the form. 

User : A user in Wufoo is assigned permissions to view, create, edit Forms/Reports/Themes/Entries. Sub users can be designated as account Admin's who have access to create and edit user permissions. Only the account creator has access to the plan and billing settings. 

Widget : In Wufoo, we refer to reporting charts and graphs as Widgets. Up to 20 widgets can be added to each report and most all widget types with the exception of a Datagrid widget can be embedded in a website.