The WebHook APIs

The WebHook APIs

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  1. API Introduction
  2. Forms GET
  3. Fields GET
  4. Entries GET / POST
  5. Users GET
  6. Reports GET
  7. Widgets GET
  8. Comments GET
  9. Web Hooks PUT / DELETE
  10. Login POST
  11. Examples
  12. The Wufoo REST Principles



The WebHook API is designed to help you inject a webhook into your user’s form. We believe this API will help reduce the friction your users experience integrating with your site. Let’s compare the steps your user would have to go through to set up a traditional site-to-site web hook integration to a WebHook set up through the API.

Traditional WebHook - Before the introduction of this new API, your users had to follow these steps to set up an Web Hook Integration

  • Get API key from Wufoo site
  • Go to your site to receive a URL and Handshake Key
  • Create a new Web Hook integration
  • Paste the URL and Handshake Key into the newly created integration & save

Using the WebHook API - With the introduction of this API, the steps are greatly reduced

  • Get API from Wufoo Site
  • Choose form(s) to which you want to hook

Reducing the number of steps your user takes to connect your site to ours increases conversion rate and decreases user frustration. This is a win-win-win. To further reduce friction, you could use the Login API to skip the API retrieval step.

WebHook PUT

You’ll use the WebHook PUT API to insert WebHooks into your users forms.


You’ll use the WebHook DELETE API to delete WebHooks created through the WebHook POST API.