File Upload Field

The File Upload field lets people attach a file to their entry.

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Field Settings

The File Upload field type supports the following Field Settings:

Field Limits

  • You can add a maximum of 20 File Upload fields per form.
  • Each field accepts a maximum file size of 10MB.
  • People can submit a maximum of 20MB per entry (across multiple fields).
  • File Upload fields accept most file types except: .html, .exe, .dll, .php, .php3 or .phps

Account-Wide Storage Limit

Any files people submit with their entry are stored in your account and count towards your total storage limit. You can see the amount of storage you're currently using on the Account Manager page beneath the Account Usage info. You can see your storage limit on that same page in your plan details.

If you reach your storage limit, people who try to upload a file won't be able to—they'll see an error message that says "This form no longer allows uploads." They'll still be able to submit the rest of their entry, as long as the file upload field isn't required in your form.

To free up storage and accept new file uploads, go to the Entry Manager and delete some old files that you've collected or upgrade your plan to increase your storage limit.

TIP! Sync with Dropbox to Save Storage You can use the Dropbox Integration to send uploaded files to Dropbox instead. All of your file upload storage will be handled by Dropbox so you won't take up any of your storage limit in Wufoo.

Viewing & Downloading Files

To download a file attached to an entry:

  1. Go to the Entry Manager.
  2. Click an entry from the table at the bottom of the page.
  3. In the entry, click the link to the file to download it to your computer.

If you create a report with a Datagrid widget or a Chart widget for the File Upload field, you can download files from your report.

If you’ve set up notification emails for your form, you can also download files from your inbox without having to log in to Wufoo.

TIP! Download Files in Bulk There's no batch download feature in Wufoo, but you can use a third-party Firefox add-on to get the job done. Learn more: How to Batch Download Files
The File Upload field lets people attach a file to their entry. Learn about limits for this field, viewing and downloading entries, and managing your storage limit.

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