Form Title, Name, and Description

The form title and description display to all people filling out your form. If you're in the new Wufoo experience you can add an alternate form name too.

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Form Title

The form title is what respondents will see when they take your form. It also determines the URL ending of the Title Link to your form—which you can use to share your form on the web.

Changing the form title will break any existing Title Links for your form that are already out in the world. If you'll need to change your form name in the future, use the Permanent Link option.
Changing the Form Title

To change the title of your form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click Edit next to the form.
  3. Click the Form Settings tab.
  4. Enter a new title in the Form Title field.
  5. Click Save Form.
Hiding the Form Title

If you don't want your form title to show publicly, there are two ways to hide it:

  • You can embed your form with JavaScript or on Wordpress and change the header parameter from show to hide.
  • You can add the following rule to your custom CSS applied to a theme:


    .wufoo .info{display:none}


Form Name

NEW FEATURE: Form names are only available in the new Wufoo experience. Try it out!

Add a form name to give your form an internal nickname that people filling out your form won’t see. This is a good option to keep forms organized in your Form Manager—especially if you have multiple forms with the same title.

Changing the Form Name

To update the form name:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Hover over the form title and click the More icon.
  3. Select Rename Form.
  4. Uncheck Use the form title as the form name.
  5. Update the Form Name.
  6. Click Save.


Form Description

Use the form description to give people an introduction to your form or provide them with special instructions.

To add a description to your form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click Edit next to your form.
  3. Click the Form Settings tab.
  4. Enter text into the Description field.
  5. Click Save Form.


Form Names are the first impression people get of your form. They help you keep track of your forms in the Form Manager, and they determine the URL ending of the Title Links to your form. Descriptions are a block of text that display under the Form Name. They're useful for giving an introduction to your form.

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