Getting Started with Wufoo

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Forms & Fields

A form is what you can build in Wufoo!

Fields are the building blocks you’ll use to collect data through a form. We provide field types for some of the most common data types (Address, Email, Website, etc.). Each form can include approximately 100 fields.

Rules & Logic

Rules and logic make your form smart and responsive. You can show and hide fields, skip pages, and show custom confirmation messages based on what people select or type when filling out your form.

Payment Integrations

You can set up one of our payment integrations to collect payments from people who fill out your form.


Themes let you customize the colors, fonts, and style of the different elements on your forms and reports.


Get notifications when someone submits your form or when a user in your Wufoo account adds a comment to an entry.


An entry is a single submission of a form. When someone fills out one of your forms, and hits the Submit button, it will create an Entry containing the submitted information. Each plan includes a number of entries that you can collect each month.


A report is a way to visualize data that’s been collect in a form. Reports are organized and displayed using widgets.

Users & Permissions

A user (also called a sub-user) is another person who you’ve granted permission to access your Wufoo account. Users can be assigned permissions to view, create, and edit forms, reports, and themes in your account.

Get the most out of Wufoo! Check out our video tutorial series for in-depth overviews of every part of Wufoo, and find links to related documentation for each section.

Create online forms

Add HTML forms to your site in a snap—no coding required.

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