Adding a CAPTCHA to Your Form

Adding CAPTCHA helps keep your form more secure from spammers and bots. It works by asking the person filling out your form to check a box at the bottom that says, "I'm not a robot."

To add a CAPTCHA:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click Edit next to your form.
  3. In the Form Builder, click the Form Settings tab.
  4. From the Captcha dropdown in the Limit Form Activity section, choose one of the options: Auto, Always Show, or Never Show.



Only show a CAPTCHA on your form when Wufoo detects abusive behavior, typically an abnormally high amount of form activity in a short period of time from the same network—like if one person tries to submit a large number of entries in quick succession.

Always ShowShow a CAPTCHA to every person that fills out your form.
Never Show

Never show a CAPTCHA on your form.

Al agregar un código CAPTCHA a tu formulario te aseguras de que solo sean seres humanos los que envían tu formulario (no bots). Funciona pidiéndole a la persona que llena tu formulario que escriba los caracteres que se muestran en una imagen generada aleatoriamente.

Crea formularios en línea

Añade formularios en HTML a tu sitio en un instante y sin requerir código.

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