Form Manager

The Form Manager is where you can view and manage all the forms in your account. To get there, click Forms in the header of your account. It's also the page you see when you first log in.

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Using the Form Manager

Menu Options
EditEdit formGoes to the Form Builder, where you can add or edit fields, configure field settings, and some global form settings.
Add rulesGoes to the Rule Builder, where you can add logic to your form to trigger form actions when certain conditions are met.
Add notificationsSet up email and SMS notifications for new entries.
IntegrationsIntegrate with other apps to send notifcations and updates to other services on the web.
View formPreview your form—exactly how someone out in the wild would see it. It will collect entries.
PaymentsPaymentsGoes to the Payment Settings page, where you can integrate a payment merchant and set up your form to collect payments.
ShareShareGet links to your form, or the embed code you can use to put the form on your website.
EntriesAll entriesGoes to the Entry Manager, where you can view and manage the entries your form has received.
Today's entriesGoes to the Entry Manager, filtered to show only entries submitted today.
AnalyticsGo to the Analytics dashboard for your form, where you can see high-level metadata about the entries your form has received—like pageviews, average time spent on your form, and entries by region.
MoreAPI informationGet your API key and API IDs that you can use in Templating and URL Modifications.
Make public or privateMakes your form public or private—public forms can be filled out by anyone, and private forms can only be filled out by users that are logged in to your account.
Add passwordLets you password-protect your public form.
Duplicate formCreates a copy of your form in your account.
Delete formPermanently deletes the form from your account.
Apply themeThe dropdown menu at the far right of each form indicates what Theme is currently applied to the form—choose an existing theme from the dropdown to apply it to your survey, or create a new one in the Theme Designer.

Organizing Your Forms


You can sort or reorder your forms based on the following criteria:

Sort By
Date CreatedSorts forms by the date they were created, with the most recently created form at the top.
Date EditedSorts forms by the date they were last edited, with the most recently edited form at the top.
Entries TodayBrings all forms that received entries today to the top of the list. The rest of your forms are sorted in alphabetical order below them.
NameSorts forms into alphabetical order, with special characters at the top followed by 0-9 and A-Z.
TIP! You can switch between ascending and descending order by clicking the sort option again.

Search or Filter

Use the Search textbox at the top of the Form Manager page to narrow the list down to only forms that contain your search term in the title.

Form labels

NEW FEATURE Form labels are only available in the new Wufoo experience. Try it out!

At this time there isn't a way to put forms into folders, but if you're in the new Wufoo experience, you can add form labels to help categorize and filter your forms.

El administrador de formularios es donde puedes ver y administrar todos los formularios en tu cuenta. Para llegar allí, haz clic en Formularios en el encabezado de tu cuenta. También es la página que ves al iniciar sesión por primera vez.

Crea formularios en línea

Añade formularios en HTML a tu sitio en un instante y sin requerir código.

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