Limiting the Total Number of Form Entries

You can set a form-wide limit on the total number of submission the form will accept. When the limit is hit, the form becomes inactive and we'll display the message “This form is no longer accepting submissions.” Clicking to the next page counts as one submission, so this works best with one page forms.

When you delete an entry, it no longer counts toward the limit. For example, if you set a limit of 50 entries, receive 50 entries, and then delete 2 of them—your form will be able to accept 2 more entries. If you were to delete all 50 entries, your form would be able to accept 50 more entries.

To turn off your form after a certain amount of entries:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click Edit next to the form.
  3. Click the Form Settings tab.
  4. Find the Turn Form Off After ____ Entries option in the Limit Form Activity section.
  5. In the textbox, enter the maximum number of entries you want the form to accept.
  6. Click Save Form.
TIP! Apply Max Quantities to an Individual Field On the field level, you can limit how many times a specific answer choice can be selected. Learn more: Max Quantities
Puedes establecer un límite para todo el formulario sobre la cantidad total de entradas que aceptará el formulario. En otras palabras, puedes desactivar el formulario después de que reciba cierta cantidad de entradas. Cuando se alcanza el límite, el formulario se vuelve inactivo.

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