Pre-Populating Fields

You can pre-populate many field types so that an answer is pre-selected, or has a predefined text or numerical value, when people go to your form. If someone submits your form without changing the pre-populated answers, the pre-populated answer will be included in their final entry.

If you want to add example text to your field that disappears when people start typing (and never gets recorded in your results), use the Placeholder Text field setting instead.

To pre-populate a field on your form:

  1. Log in and go to Forms.
  2. Click Edit next to the form.
  3. Click a field to open its Field Settings.
    • For Open-Ended Fields: In the Predefined Value textbox, type in the value you want to be pre-populated.
    • For Closed-Ended Fields: In the Choices section, select the radio button or checkbox you want to be preselected.
  4. Click Save Form.

Supported Field Types

Open-Ended FieldsClosed-Ended Fields
Single Line Text
Paragraph Text
Multiple Choice
Prepopulate Country in Address Field You can also pre-select an answer to the Country dropdown when you're setting up an Address field type.

Fancier Ways to Pre-Populate Fields

Check out our blogs and guides for more tricks for prefilling data into your forms:

Puedes llenar automáticamente muchos tipos de campo de modo que se preseleccione una respuesta o tenga un valor predefinido, cuando las personas entren a tu formulario.

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