Taxes on Wufoo Purchases

Depending on your billing location, taxes may be included in the price of subscriptions, renewals, or fees, or may be added as a separate line item on your invoice. If you don’t see your billing country listed below, Wufoo doesn't add taxes to your purchase price. It’s your responsibility as a consumer or business to pay any applicable taxes to your local government, as needed.

You can find your invoices on the My Account page. Invoices include the applicable tax for your billing location, the price of the plan, and the total amount you paid.

Some organizations and businesses may be exempt from sales tax. If you're currently receiving a charity or nonprofit discount, you aren't automatically exempt from paying sales tax, and you need to complete the exemption process based on your location.

Visit our Legal Center for more information on how we assess and charge sales tax.

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United States

Wufoo is required to charge sales tax in certain U.S. locations to comply with local laws. If the billing address for your current payment method is located in a region that collects sales tax, you'll see the tax on your Wufoo invoice starting in early 2019.

Tax Rate

Local tax rates vary depending on your state, county, and city. Make sure your current Billing Information is up to date so that we can charge the correct tax rate.

Wufoo may not assess tax in some locations or on some of its services. If you want to estimate your potential sales tax, the best way is to use an online sales tax calculator.

Tax Exemption

Some organizations and businesses may be exempt from sales tax. If you believe your organization qualifies for tax-exempt status, apply for tax exemption before you upgrade or renew your account.

Once a valid certificate is linked to your account, future purchases will be exempt from tax. If you're charged tax after submitting your exemption information, please contact us.


European Union

If you're located outside of the United States, Wufoo may be provided to you by our European subsidiary in Ireland, SurveyMonkey Europe.

VAT & Wufoo Subscriptions

To comply with laws in the European Union (EU), Value Added Tax (VAT) is included in the price of subscription plans when applicable.

  • The applicable VAT rate depends on your billing country.
  • If you're a VAT-registered business in the EU (other than Ireland), you can add a VAT registration number to pay a price exclusive of VAT.
  • We are required to collect VAT on all transactions with our customers located in Ireland.

VAT Invoices

If you're a VAT-registered business in the EU and you added a valid VAT registration number to your Wufoo account, VAT invoices are issued within a week after your account activation or renewal. This invoice is automatically created by a separate system in our Ireland office per EU regulations.

VAT invoices are emailed to the billing contact listed on the account—they are not accessible from within your account.

SurveyMonkey Europe Address & VAT ID

SurveyMonkey Europe
2 Shelbourne Buildings, 2nd Floor
Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge
Dublin 4, Ireland

VAT ID: IE 3223102GH

Si te encuentras fuera de Estados Unidos, es posible que nuestra subsidiaria europea en Irlanda, SurveyMonkey Europe, te proporcione los servicios de SurveyMonkey. El IVA está incluido en el precio de los planes de suscripción, siempre que corresponda.

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