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  • Collecting Payments Through Your Form

    You can use one of our payment integrations to collect payments from people who fill out your form. Learn about the 3 steps you need to complete on the Payment Settings page to get your payment form up and running: Merchant Setup, Payment Options, and Assign Prices.

  • Choosing a Merchant for Your Payment Form

    If you want to set up a payment form, use this article to compare the payment merchants that Wufoo integrates with. A merchant is the third-party payment processor that will process your transactions and settle your payments.

  • Stripe

    The Stripe integration lets you accept payments with your Wufoo form by redirecting users to Stripe.

  • Square

    The Square integration lets you accept payments with your Wufoo form by redirecting users to Square.

  • USA ePay

    Accept payments with USA ePay.

  • PayPal Standard

    Process payments by redirecting users to PayPal.

  • Braintree

    Accept one-time payments with Braintree.

  • Chargify

    Manage recurring subscriptions and accept payments with Chargify.

  • Stripe Subscription

    Accept recurring payments or subscriptions with Stripe.

  • Authorize.Net

    Accept online payments via credit card and e-check with Authorize.Net.

  • PayPal Payflow Pro

    Process international and domestic payments with PayPal.

  • PayPal Website Payments Pro

    Process large volumes of payments with PayPal.

  • Integrations

    Use an integration to connect your forms to a variety of platforms and do things like accept payments, add people to a mailing list, or store uploaded files.

  • Zapier Integration

    With the Zapier integration, you can connect your Wufoo forms to hundreds of other apps to streamline your workflow. You can use the Wufoo Zapier integration to automate tasks in various ways after people submit a form.

  • Campaign Monitor

    Automatically add a new contact to your Campaign Monitor campaign list whenever contact information is collected through a Wufoo form.

  • Highrise

    Automatically create a new contact in Highrise whenever contact information is collected through a Wufoo form.

  • Twitter

    Automatically send a tweet when your form receives an entry.

  • Using API Information and Webhooks

    How to find your API keys, and field IDs or set a form to send field metadata to a webhook.

  • DocuSign

    The DocuSign field lets you integrate with your DocuSign account so people can sign your form. It's a super useful field for when you need a more formal signature, like a consent form or when agreeing to terms of service.

  • Salesforce

    Create a new Lead or Contact in Salesforce automatically when someone fills out your Wufoo form.

  • Tracking Pageviews with Google Analytics

    Google Analytics tracking lets you see pageviews on your form using your Google Analytics account. You need to get your Google Analytics tracking ID so you can add it to your Form Settings page.

  • Asana Integration

    With the Asana integration, you can create forms to gather requests, bug reports, applicant information, and more. The integration lets you feed your form data directly into an Asana project to take action.

  • Adobe Fonts

    Use Adobe Fonts on Wufoo's forms from the theme designer. Learn how to use this integration.

  • Mailchimp

    Let users sign up for mailing lists by automatically adding a new contact to a Mailchimp campaign contact list whenever contact information is collected through a Wufoo form.

  • URL Modifications

    URL modifications pre-populate fields differently for each person that fills out your form.

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