• Colors, Images & Fonts ÿ
  • Layout ÿ
  • Designing & Applying Themes

    Themes let you customize the colors, fonts, and style of the different elements on your forms and reports. You can use the options in Theme Designer to create a custom theme, or use custom CSS for complete control.

  • Using HTML to Add Images, Links, and Text Formatting

    This article goes over a few popular ways to use HTML in Wufoo, like embedding images, videos, and maps into your form. You can also use HTML to format text or add links into your form.

  • Changing the Font on Your Form

    In the Theme Designer, you can change the font of all the different text elements on your form.

  • Removing Wufoo Branding

    With any paid plan, you can remove Wufoo branding from your forms, reports, confirmation messages, and notifications.

  • Using Custom CSS to Style Your Forms & Reports

    If you're familiar with CSS, you can link your own CSS file to a theme so you can have complete control over the look and feel of the forms and reports that use that theme.

  • Adding a Logo

    Logos are the images in the upper-left corner of Wufoo forms and reports. You can replace the default Wufoo logo with your own by adding the logo to a theme, and then applying that theme to your form or report.

  • Changing Field Label Placement

    The Label Placement setting lets you adjust the position of Field Labels in relation to the field itself. By default, field labels appear on top of the field, but you can change the placement so that field labels are displayed to the left of the field instead.

  • Using CSS Keywords to Adjust Layout

    Use CSS Layout Keywords to place fields side by side, hide entire fields or parts of fields, and adjust the placement of additional text on your form. No knowledge of CSS necessary!

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